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About ABA

The science of Behavior Analysis is unique from other forms of therapy and treatment. Our comprehensive scientific approach is more comprehensive than Talk Therapy or Counseling.

In ABA we take data on target behaviors to ascertain a baseline of occurrences. Once a baseline is established we begin to implement scientifically validated treatments to either increase acquisition behaviors (things we want to occur more often), or decrease problem behaviors (things we want to see less of).

ABA only utilizes scientifically proven methods, and nothing is ever implemented that has not been rigorously tested and peer-reviewed. ABA is unlike any other psychological treatment and unrivaled in it's effectiveness. Let our family of experts serve yours!

At 3PhD's we understand that your family's needs are paramount. We are home to some of the brightest minds in behavior analysis, and count within our ranks many of the fields' top BCBA-D's (doctoral-level behavior analysts). Our expertise sets us apart from other agencies; there is virtually no problem that our brain trust hasn't encountered and successfully overcome. Applied Behavior Analysis is the gold standard of treatment for a variety of diagnoses and behavioral issues, and 3PhD's ABA Therapy is a world leader in behavioral expertise.

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