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The PGP ABA Supervision Program – Professionals Grooming Professionals

Welcome, aspiring Behavior Analyst, to Full Spectrum ABA’s PGP Program – Professionals Grooming Professionals.  


The field of Applied Behavior Analysis is science-based, and we believe the same precision should be utilized in the structure and application of a true ABA Supervision experience.  In this way, we can assure that the Supervisee gains the knowledge, training, and professional development necessary to cement the science of ABA into their behavioral repertoire, along with an immense therapeutic skill-set of interventions.


The regimented PGP curriculum is designed, administered, and coordinated by our stellar crew of 8 BCBA-D’s, with over 100 years of combined university teaching and research experience. The PGP Program’s expertly crafted, cutting-edge supervision model provides the guidance required for tomorrow’s Behavior Analysts to start blossoming, today.

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It is understood within the field of ABA, the crucial role a practitioner’s BACB Supervision experience plays in developing Behavior Analytic skill repertoires for sound clinical practice. Such in-depth professional development is not universal within our field, due in part to the plethora of online university programs, many which leave the student flailing to secure their own supervision towards BACB certification. Too often, an unstructured supervision experience is provided by a recently certified BCBA without a true curriculum, little oversight, or no organized training program for Supervisors.


With the PGP program, we offer a certain solution for eager learners to be molded into the next generation of behavior scientists. Build life-long relationships and make certain you’re prepared to practice as a Behavior Analyst in our ever more complex and competitive arena. Join Full Spectrum ABA’s PGP Program, and learn first-hand from some of the sharpest minds in the field of ABA.

Why did you create the PGP program?

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Enrolled in Online ABA Coursework?

Online ABA University programs have many benefits, such as flexible schedules, the ability to work while attending school, no thesis requirement, and fewer financial pressures. While these programs allow qualified individuals to enter the field of ABA, none would disagree that they are not immersive in nature. Most do not provide direct training in scientific ABA intervention implementation, primarily because the structure of distance learning isn’t conducive to these types of learning experiences.


For those enrolled in online programs, it is crucial to find a quality and “immersive” supervision experience. This will ensure you learn all you can before you are fully certified, and will aid in passing your BCBA or BCaBA exam on the first attempt.

Assurance of hours – up to 30 hours weekly

By developing and utilizing a rigorous curriculum and offering assurance of acquiring all desired hours weekly, we immerse the learner in ABA, and by doing so, improve the likelihood they pass their exams on the first attempt. The PGP program is replete with indirect (unrestricted) activities, allowing all supervisees to meet required hours even if they are in school and unable to work full-time.

Interested in Producing Research?

Those aspiring to further research in the field of ABA will have opportunities presented to them through our BCBA-D’s research and publication arm, the Full Spectrum Behavior Institute. If you’re keen for the chance to produce research, you don’t have to be on university campus to do so. Our PhDs and BCBA-Ds have significant publication histories, and remain active in research consumption, production, and book publication.

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