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PGP Mentors

Mentorship for newly Certified BCBAs and BCaBAs:

Once BCBA or BCaBA status is attained by a provider, they are provided further guidance in the form of continued mentorship.

At PGP we recognize that the field of ABA is massive in terms of its breadth of knowledge and variety of interventions. Because of the vastness of our field, it is especially important that new BCBAs and BCaBAs continue to be groomed and developed professionally.


Even the master continues to practice, which is why we developed this program to suit analysts at any level of development. We are home to some of the nation’s foremost BCBA-Ds and BCBAs, making us a treasure trove of techniques vital to implementing premier behavior analytic services. Come learn with the best.

We are able to train and develop those who join our family in a number of nuanced areas, including, but not limited to:

Report Writing

Intervention Knowledge and Implementation


Pairing of Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis

Template Development

Campus Based Therapy

Hiring and Development of Lower-tiered Staff



Treatment Coordination and Planning

Managing Private Insurance Clients as Required by Various Insurers

Contact Us:

Phone: 813-926-5454


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