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What sets PGP Supervision Apart

What makes the PGP Supervision Program the world’s best and only

trademarked official ABA supervision experience?


The PGP Curriculum is designed, run, and overseen by a group of renowned BCBA-Ds in the field of ABA.


Only PGP Certified Supervisors are allowed to participate in the PGP supervision program and provide BACB supervision to supervisees.  Because of this provision, you’re assured to have a trained, competent, experienced, and approved BCBA or BCBA-D for your PGP Supervision experience. 


Specialized PGP Rubric for BACB task list – this document serves as a means of tracking learning and experience in the program for supervisee and supervisor.  Learners are able to track and gain in-depth experiences in areas of treatment they seek to focus during their career.


Pay bonus paid to RBTs for successful PGP program completion.


Guaranteed ability to attain up to 30 hours weekly. The maximum allowed amount by BACB standards, along with the requisite 6.5 hours of clinical supervision opportunities will be provided each month to ensure the maximum amount of hours can be counted towards BACB supervision by supervisees monthly. This allows our supervisees to complete their supervision experiences in both a regimented and timely fashion.

How do I get into the PGP Program?

You must be employed by Full Spectrum ABA, or one of their DBAs or Subsidiaries.

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